Few small cities are as well known for their distinct neighborhoods as Manhattan Beach.


Manhattan Beach Neighborhoods

The Tree Section Of course, the Tree Section was so named for its street names —  such as Pine, Elm, Oak, and Palm — but the name also had historical roots. Rosecrans Avenue, which ran along the northern border of the city long before much development had occurred, had once been lined on either side [...]

Festivals, Fireworks & Fun

Manhattan Beach Events Looking for some fun? Where shall we start? Manhattan Beach is a city for all seasons. For 10 weeks running from July into September, there are summer concerts at Pollywog Park involving great local bands as well as touring tribute artists (Neil Diamond, U2 and there’s even been an Elvis sighting). The […]

Nighttime In Downtown

As hard as it may be to do, eventually you’ll have to pry yourself off the beach and The Strand. And you’ll be glad you did, too, for there’s several thrills just up the hill in downtown Manhattan Beach. If you’re like one of the many beach volleyball players, at the end of the day […]

Hollywood In Manhattan Beach

If you’ve got stars in your eyes, you don’t have to leave the quiet comfort of Manhattan Beach to get a little taste of Hollywood. There are several film locations right here in Manhattan Beach. On 9th Street, Mel Gibson peered out from a bedroom window – with Michelle Pfeiffer standing next to him – toward […]

The Sand & The Strand

In the land of Endless Summer, there are endless things to do in Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach is the birthplace of beach volleyball, home of one of LA’s top surf spots – just listen to the Beach Boys sing “all over Manhattan” in “Surfin’ USA” – and a living series of Instagram posts to the […]